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4th Grade Information

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

This year our fourth graders will be learning many things! We are excited to get the year underway.


Reading:  We continue to work on reading strategies.  We are making the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.  Our core literature includes some novels that relate to our social studies curriculum like Island of the Blue Dolphins, By the Great Horn Spoon, and Esperanza Rising.  A key focus in fourth grade is supporting our thinking with evidence from the resource (book, video, article, etc).  We also include spelling and grammar with our Language Arts curriculum.


Writing:  We continue to refine our friendly letter skills.  We also focus on narrative, non-fiction and opinion writing. It is a big jump from third grade as we will explore a 5-paragraph essay.


Math:  Fourth graders will be learning multi-digit multiplication (2-digit by 2-digit) and long division (4-digit by 1-digit).  Fractions is also a focus as we will learn to compare, add and subtract like fractions. Geometry and measurement are also explored.


Social Studies:  It is such a fun year learning about our great state.  We learn about the geography, the early people, the Spanish explorers, the mission system, rancho times, the Gold Rush, and how our modern economies developed.


 Science: This is the Year of the Trout.  We will raise trout in our classroom in the spring and release them into local waters. We explore Physical, Life and Earth sciences.


Art: We have planned monthly art lessons that will explore different mediums and techniques that correlate to core subject areas.


Enrichment: We are excited to continue with the following enrichment activities:  Library, STEM, Garden, and Music (recorders).


PE:  Students see a variety of physical education including games, mindfulness, sportsmanship and team building.


Parents, you can help your children thrive in school by reading, helping with math homework and spelling activities at home. It is also important for students to continue to build their independence and sense of responsibility.  We appreciate all of your ongoing support.


These 11 skills are talked about in class as being the key to becoming a successful fourth grader.

  • Follows rules and directions
  • Rspects people and property
  • Exercises control
  • Collaborates effectively
  • Writes legibly
  • Uses time constructively
  • Maintains focus
  • Puts forth effort
  • Exhibits organizational skills
  • Completes and turns in assignments
  • Uses technology ethically and efficiently