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1st Grade Information

This year our first graders will be learning many things! Our primary focus is on learning to read; covering phonics sounds, phonograms, digraphs, and blends. By the end of the year it is our goal to have our first graders reading at second grade level or above, and reading at least 100 sight words.


In Eureka Math, our first graders will be learning about number bonds, building and reading number sentences, solving math stories, reviewing 2-D and 3-D shapes, telling time to the hour and half hour, place value to the hundreds place, and other math concepts.


Our Outdoor Core focus will be on insects, bugs and nature in all its beauty.


We have a few field trips planned this year, starting off with a trip to the Blairsden Village Bakery. More information will be available as the time approaches.


Parents, you can help your children thrive in school by reading, helping with math homework and spelling activities at home. Thank you for all of your ongoing support.



Mrs. Marquette and Ms. Conte


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