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Coyote Corner #10

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A weekly highlight of the programs of Plumas Unified School District and supported by the County Office of Education.

“The Science of Rafting” Connecting Learning and Adventure

The Plumas Unified School District 6th-grade theme is the Year of the Watershed. Both literally and figuratively, 6th-grade is a rite of passage year for PUSD students as they earn their stripes as true mountain kids and explore the many tributaries that create the Feather River Watershed. Throughout the year, 6th-graders are immersed in the environments that they are learning about to fully explore the scientific principles they are studying, connect to their home, and foster a deep appreciation for and stewardship of the abundant natural resources surrounding them. Published 4-25-18

Volunteerism in Plumas County Creates Thriving Communities and Schools

The Kindergarten Roundup is an annual collaborative effort of Plumas Unified School District and many county organizations to help incoming kindergartners and transitional kindergartners register for school, obtain their mandated physical and dental exams and have fun doing it! The roundups are orchestrated by the PUSD school nurses who work with local agencies to make the event a success. Published 4-25-18

An Update on 50 Church Street April 2018

The historic 1905 Quincy Elementary School located at 50 Church Street in Quincy was used to teach students for almost 50 years until the California Earthquake Standards Act came into place, at which point it was adapted into offices for the staff of Plumas County Office of Education (PCOE) and Plumas Unified School District (PUSD). In 2014, the old schoolhouse and district office was vacated due to waste plumbing and flooding issues. The previous administration at the time of the flooding, decided not to go forward with repairs or plans for the building after the initial mitigation was addressed. This left the historic building vacant and deteriorating for three years. Published 4-18-18

School Nurses Help Create Healthy and Thriving Learning Environments for ALL students

There is a common misconception that the role of school nurses only includes the occasional first aid duties and caring for kids with a cold or the flu. Yet, the truth is that the responsibilities of school nurses are critical to monitoring and maintaining healthy and thriving schools. School Nurses are foundational to making public education available to every student, regardless of any and all pre-existing health conditions and circumstances. Published 3-29-18

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Principal Spotlight

Mrs. Leal and her family
Interview with CRC Principal Melissa Leal:
"I am a small town girl who had no means to make it as far as I have. It’s because of my hard work, great mentors, and a can-do attitude that I have made it this far. I am proof that ANY kid can accomplish anything that they want with the right attitude. I paid my way through school by working full time in the airline industry.
I always struggled academically in school, so I never thought I would even go to college let alone go as far as I have. But once I found my passion it was easy to keep going, I just took each day and each class one at a time.”

“My advice to kids is to try as many new things as they can, even if they aren’t good at them. Trying new things will help you find what you love. Once you’ve found what you love, it’s easy to create goals and get to work. I have a sign hanging in my office that reads – ‘Try - there are no mistakes, only lessons.’ It’s a motto I try to live by and encourage others to do the same. Also be yourself, I wish I would’ve listened to people who told me that it’s okay to be myself. I was so concerned with what others thought that I lacked the confidence to just be me. It took me a while to figure that out.“

Melissa lives in Portola with her husband and two little boys. She is a Plumas County local and holds a teaching credential, a Master’s of Science in Reading, and an Admin Degree. Before becoming the CRC principal, she was previously a teacher, instructional coach, and the Assistant Director of Long Valley Charter School. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, baseball, and being outdoors with her family.
“Do not go on the path that will lead....​GO​ where there is no path and leave a ​Trail.....”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

District Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to collectively inspire every child in every classroom every day. We ensure an exemplary education with diverse opportunities and we accept no limits on the learning potential of any child.